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North Manatee Soccer Club

North Manatee Soccer Club

Coaching Staff

Our Coaching staff is overseen by Director of Coaching Tim Betts who is a Nationally A Licensed Coach with an exemplary record of developing both players and coaches. 

Director of Coaching: Tim Betts

YOB/Group          Coach                                                                    Licensing

2012  8U             Bryan Lopes                                                              Grass Roots, 4V4, 7V7

2011  9U             Willy Mosquera                                                          D- License, USSF Referee

2010  10U Girls   Carlos Silva                                                               Grass Roots, 4V4, 7V7

2010  10U Boys  Andrew Jensen/ Tim Betts                                          Grass Roots, 4V4, 7V7

2009  11U           Antonio Ciarmaglia/ Justin Schneider                        F-Licence,  Grass Roots, 4V4, 7V7

2008  12U           Tim Betts/ Greg Baldwin/ Jared Novoa                      A- License / D-License

2007  13U           Matt Smither/ Troy Wilhelm/ Jared Novoa                  D-Licence

2006  14U           Jorge Rodriguez/                                                        F- License/ F License, 4V4 Grass Roots 11V11
                            Shane Bigham

2005  15U           Jorge Rodriguez/                                                         F-License/ F-License
                            Phil Sanches/ Lius Novoa

Goal Keeper      Greg Baldwin/ Luis Novoa                                            D- License,  NSCAA GK

**PLEASE NOTE** For the safety of our players, playing up in age is skills based and must be approved by the DOC Tim Betts in ALL Cases. 


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